Nora-isms of September

“Mama? The moon is coming up too early!” Bedtime is evil.


Remember, you can’t spell “police” without saying “pie”.

Nora: “Mama, I need the “pie” piece!”
Me: “Which (Lego) piece is that?”
Nora: “The one with the letters that say “pie”.”
Me: (Holding up one saying “POLICE”) “Nora, do you mean this one?”
Nora: “Yeah!”
Of course, how stupid of me.

Driving along singing together to the radio. I look up in the rear view mirror and smile at her.
“Do you like singing with me?”
“I do, Nora…I love you.”
“(Giggling)…I love cake.”

“I want mama to sleep with me…I love her all over my heart…she likes my cuddles.”
“I love your cuddles too, Nora. I’m so proud of you for sleeping on your own because – oh, whoa! Nora do you need the potty?”
“(Giggling) No, I good, mama. It’s just turbo-farts from my butt.”

“Owen, give. Me. SPACE!…. (Laughing sarcastically) That means get off!”

“Ah, t’anks, Owen. (After a long hug.) Ok, ok, we’re done.”

“Papa, do you know we have hair all over our bodies? Mm-hmm, I have it on my head….(staring at Jamie and i for a bit) I like your arms, they’re soft.”

“I took a BIG poop, mama, I need help!” She’s sitting on the toilet singing and waiting for me.
“Ok, honey!…Nora, where’d your headband go?”
“Uuuuh….OH NO, MAMA!”

“Nora, GO get ready for school!”
In response to Jamie as she’s procrastinating and dancing around her room, to the tune “Frere Jacques”,
I don’t want to, I don’t want to. No, I don’t; no, I DON’T…”