Nora-isms of November

Owen: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”
Nora: “Owen, please stop.”
Owen: (silence)
Nora: “Oh my, (reverent gasp) it worked.”
Owen: “…………………AAAAAAAAAH!”

Jamie has been out of town on a business trip. The kids were up at 3am every day asking for him. Good to know you’re missed, right? Except that Owen thinks I’m hiding him in the basement and Nora thinks if she keeps asking my answer will change. It didn’t so she said, “Presents?” I like her style. I told her, “Be sure to ask, Papa.”


She composes songs with pictograms to outline her lyrics and she recites them pretty consistently. Her chart toppers are “Kiss To My Heart” and “Give You Your Favorites”. Funny, I don’t remember saying “unicorns” and “pouches” were my favorite things but I must be mistaken.

Both kids celebrate any, and seemingly every, holiday by exchanging the gift that keeps on giving, illness. We’ve spent Thanksgiving day mopping up snot and pushing fluids. The whole family took two naps today at 7am and then 1pm since we were all up at 3 am thanks to Owen.

I endulged Nora and let her sleep in our bed. As I lay cuddling her, stroking her hair and humming her to sleep, I asked, “What are you most thankful for?”

She sat up, thought about it and responded, “Nora, what are you thankful for?”
“Macaroni….oh! Cherries.”
“Anything else?”

I’m thankful for these people that I love and for all of you that follow my writing. It’s been a challenging year, I am thrilled it’s almost over, and I’m appreciative for all of you that have been here with me for the ride.


May your bird be moist, your pants stay dry, and not the other way around. Here’s to good company, a warm home, and heavy medication. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!