An end of an era.

Downton Abbey will always remind me of the early days with my babies. Of cluster feedings, the agony of tongue-tiedness, colic, croup; long hours of trying to sleep sitting upright and the relief and responsibility all at once while snuggling warm little bodies that filled me with every type of emotion and worry. So it’s no surprise to me that I will say farewell to one of my favorite shows with a bittersweet gratitude. (And, let’s be honest, an ugly crying moment of sappiness over a large glass of wine.)


In honor of the show and the many memories, I will post some of my favorite quotes and photos throughout this week. The timing seems fitting really since it’s also the beginning of another end.

Nora’s babyhood, she’s turning five next month and I’m planning many activities and surprises leading up to the day. I’ll probably have an ugly cry after that event too but mostly out of pride (and a little bit of sadness too).


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