Parenting hacks for whackadoos: Part 4

– Sick of groceries getting knocked over on the ride home? Have a kid who won’t leave the bags alone? Use the seatbelts to hold the bags in place.

– One sick kid in the house and you’re trying to limit germs? Laundry clips from the Dollar Store. Color code Typhoid Mary’s towel and give everyone else their own as well. Each kid picks their color of clip and sticks to it…if you’re lucky.

– Caught in a downpour and dreading the seats of your car getting soaked? Reusable shopping bags. One over the seat back and one under you. Kids Carseat? Always keep a towel in your car but, in a pinch, use a garbage bag. Cover the entire seat and pull the buckles straight through the plastic. Owen likes to wiggle and make it crinkle…yeah, it’s great.

– Cold weather and bored kids? Here are some tricks that work for us:  make a fort out of a table by throwing blankets over it, turn out the lights and use the flashlights, impromptu dance party with a few balloons, use the same balloons and a couple fly swatters to play indoor badminton, and tie a scarf to an empty laundry basket and you’re off to the races!

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