Keep fighting.

We survived G.W., we suffered through his father, and Reagan before him. We’ll survive this jackass. (See the following lovely examples of our past presidential mistakes: Yet the turbulent emotions of grieving these events are still so raw.

So here it goes…

Any human who voted for that openly known bigoted rapist is to be ashamed of themselves. He’s a violent criminal. There’s no rational explanation for supporting him other than ignorance and hatred.

You’ve sent a message with your vote to either oppose or condone the discrimination of others. You are just as culpable as those that turned away in complicity when Hitler came to power. You’re the petty underlings that allow a crime to occur and don’t have the courage to stop it or speak out.

We’re all thankful that the election is over but the hatred that has been exposed remains. The questions in my heart remain unanswered and I have to make sense of this all to be able to explain to my sweet daughter how it happened. To be able to answer her question, “Why do people hate us, mama?” 

Because to her, “us” means all women. All people, herself included, that were excited to see an accomplished woman ( take leadership. How should I answer her in the days to come? How can so many have so little thought to the sacrifices made before us and the inequality amongst us that’s still active in our daily lives? 

How can you say you love when you choose someone who champions hate? How can you claim to be my friend and love me yet think I don’t deserve equal rights?

How can anyone look into another’s eyes and deem them unworthy of compassion? Why is your personal comfort more important than social justice?

“Please, never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

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