They’re hazel, dammit!

For years I’ve had people tell me my eyes are brown when I know they’re hazel. I use to argue with them. Now I just smile and forever avoid the person taking their misstatement as a sign of their assholedom and unworthiness of friendship. So when our son was born with hazel eyes (like his parents!) the debate has been renewed over the status of our collective ocular hue.

Just today, an elderly couple stopped me to take a closer look at our son. He grinned, hooted, and laughed for them. The woman exclaimed, “Oh, my goodness you’re darling! Look at those hazel eyes!” Her husband leaned in to look closer, “Hmm, look brown to me.” I thanked her and gave him a sour look. As I walked away I heard him mutter beseechingly to his wife, “I didn’t mean to upset her -” I turned back in time to see her shaking her head at him and rolling her eyes. I hear ya, sister.

You be the judge:





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