“I love you EVERY DAY…even the weekend.”

Some Nora sayings as of late:
Get off! (My least favorite.)
I did, you be, is am.
Uh-oh, spaghettio.
(Note: She’s never had Spaghettios. Just a bad daycare experience that taught her this.)
Ya’ aaare. (Meaning “I did”, ” I am.”)
I a princess. You dah mama.
It went beep-beep, beeee-yooop, reereeree…it did.
You go that, I go there, we go-go-go!
My hair is pretty… I love your hair, mama.
I love you every day.
Aah, what a cute brother!
It ok, Owey… It ok, baby……Be quiet, Owen, gosh.

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