Is it me?

Me: One episode of Daniel Tiger and then nap. Understood?
Nora: Ok, mama.
Me: Ok, I’m going to go put Owen down for his nap.
N: Ok.
(I leave the room with Owen. Nurse him, lay him down in his crib, start to leave the bedroom when the TV volume cranks up and wakes him. I run back out to the front room.)
Me: Nora, turn it down! (Stares at me and doesn’t move.) Why did you do that? (As I’m turning it back down.)
N: Mom, are you frumpy?
Me: (long pause, deep breathing, counting to 100) Nora, are you asking if I’m “grumpy”?
Because “frumpy” means messy and ugly.
Nora: (Long pause.) I’m sorry.
Me: It’s time for nap, Nora.
N: Because you’re grumpy?
Me: No, because I need you to sleep so you’ll get well.
N: Are you frustrated?
Me: Yes.
N:….Is it me?

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