Nora-isms of December

“I’m NOT a reindeer, I’m a moose.” While wearing a felt antler headband with bells and tinsel.

“Say, “Happy candy!”” And snapped a pretend photo of us.

“Mmm, this is yummy, Papa. It tastes like mama’s!”

“No silly! (giggling) You can’t be a doggie because you’re my mama.”

In response to us telling her we had to cancel our holiday plans since she and her brother were sick, “My heart hurts. My heart is sad…So I’ll see my friends tomorrow?” (Uuuh, that would, and was a big “no”.)

Nora: “You’re an ick-ick-ack-ack no like, (raspberry noise)!”
Me: “What is that? (laughing) Is that a mean word because I said it was nap time?”
Nora: (giggling) “Mm-hmm, and Owen agrees.”