Nora-isms of January

“Do you want to go play in the oh-shit with me?” She meant “ocean”.


“Mama, I love you soooo much… (head tilt with eye scrinch and hands clasped) can I have some milk, please?” After asking several times in the last hour and being told to eat her dinner. She wouldn’t, there was no milk consumed, only tears and cold medicine.

“Mama, I need help with my Lego.” She says with one sock on, no shirt, and green snot running down her face.

“Hold still, I want to slide. Calm down, calm down, it’s fun! Please, PLEASE! It’s oooookayee…” This was her request to slide down our legs as we sat on the couch pinned underneath her.

“Wait, wait, WAIT! I need my skates and crown first.” Grabbing her slippers and tiara before coming to eat breakfast.

Holding my face between her hands, “Look at me, mama, LOOK at me – I am cereal.

“You’re not a puppy, you’re my mama.”

“It’s ok, Owen, don’t cry…aaah, calm down, you’ll be ok. You’re alright, you stay with mama and I got to go to school.”

Dramatic entrance followed by the flourish, “I am Princess LEONORA,” hushed tinkling sing-song voice as she bows in front of us, “Fairy princess across the land.”
“Oh my! Who am I, Nora?”
“You are Princess Mama!”

Watching Bob’s Burgers with Nora and the character, Tina, has become a hall monitor. Nora, emphatically, “I want to be a hall manatee.”