Nora-isms of March

“I’m sorry for the tantrums. I want up, mama, please.”
“Ok, honey. Mama’s back hurts though so let’s sit on the couch together.”
I get her a snack, get comfortable on the couch, she climbs up on my lap with a blanket, we settle in and cuddle. Then I smell something.
“Nora, did you fart?”
“My tummy is mad.”


Owen has his first two molars. When I announced this to Jamie, Nora piped up, “He has MOWERS?!” Out of the mouths of babes…

She’s telling us about her dreams now, “There was a cat dragon on my bus and the road ended and the sharks came and the tree fell on the bus.” I’m a little terrified about the dreams she hasn’t been able to put into words.

Me: “Nora, what type of birds are these?”
“Carrots.” Scratching my head and hoping I misheard, I pointed at the picture of parrots again.
“These birds?”
“Yeah, mama,” rolling here eyes at me and sounding dismissive, “They’re girls.”

After meeting Anna, our nanny, for the first time I asked, “What do you think, Nora?”
“I’m not sharing my room…Does she do puzzles?”

Nora was working with play-doh and trying to keep Owen from grabbing it off the dining room table. Nora kept sneaking glances at me out of the corner of her eye and waited until she thought I wasn’t looking to squeeze Owen away from the table. When he cried out I reminded her we use “our words not our bodies”. She replied, “The words weren’t fast enough.”

After lunch and before her nap today, while snuggling on the couch, “I’m sad, mama.”
Me: “Oh no, sweetheart, why?! I thought you had such a good day.”
“Nanny Anna left and Owen didn’t.”