What I hope to teach our children.

Life is all about the three L’s:  love, learning, and laughter.

If you’re the only one laughing let it be when you’re alone; otherwise, it’s at someone else’s expense and that karmic bill is greater than that chuckle. No one loves, or is loyal to, a bully.

Hands are for holding, helping, and hugging – not hurting.

Marry only unless you want to, be a parent because you can’t imagine wanting anything more, and want for nothing material if you wish to be happy.

Know that happiness is just as transitory as disappointment.

Don’t settle in any decision out of fear. The only true fear is regret. Have none.

Model the ideal of what you would want for a spouse, friend, or colleague in your behavior because that’s what they’ll seek out.

Learn something new everyday. There’s no excuse for boredom.

Choosing to do nothing is always an option but seldom interesting and frequently irresponsible or reprehensible.

Please don’t be boring.

The contentment of others doesn’t need to be the basement of your discontent. Contentment can be found, created, and destroyed. Base yours from what’s within. Yours does not need to be based on others.

Love is an act, an expression, mutual respect and admiration, a choice, a commitment, a blessing. Never let someone convince you otherwise and, if they try, know that they don’t love you.

It’s difficult to make order from chaos without comparison and categorization. Fight the urge once and awhile. Life is messy.

Travel is the magic elixir to boredom. A walk down the street or a stroll on another continent. Keep moving.

Some travel through life in a protective bubble hermetically sealed going untouched and unscathed. Others seem to be tangled in a quagmire of cotton candy that clings, trips, and tears as they stumble through. Be the tumbleweed. Bounce off what’s inhospitable and rest where you choose.

But if you remember anything from me, remember this, life is about the three L’s:  love, learning, and laughter.

With all my love to Leonora and Owen.
With all my heart and thanks to Jamie.

April 14, 2015