Nora-isms of October

Nora: “Dada, your eyes taste like pineapple.”
Jamie: “…Thanks.”


Nora: “Mama, you want a story?”
“Sure, honey.”
“Oh, wait, is Owen asleep? Because this is scary! There’s a dragon, a deer, and they’re walking for a LONG time…” (Damn, that is scary.)

Nora: “Uh-oh, I think Owen pooped. He smells like soup.”
(Note to self, your child hates your soup.)

Me: “Sometimes mama is sad…Everyone gets sad sometimes and cries. It’s nothing you did, it’s not because of you.”
Nora giggles and hugs me,
“There’s a spider on the window…I farted out my butt. ”

Nora: “Simone, you are a lovely, lovey cat.”
Simone snuggles in for more loves.
“Nora, you are a lovely person,” I comment. Owen comes over to join in and Nora mumbles as she runs to claim the spot Owen vacated on Jamie’s lap, “…and my work here is done!”

Nora: “No, Owen! Don’t high-five mama’s boobs!”

A neighbor stops to greet us,
“Hi, Owen!”
Nora peeps out from behind me from collecting leaves,
” “Oh, Hi, Nora!” Yeah, I say “hi” too you know…”
Awkward exchange of looks,
“Yeah, hi…good to see you…”

“Mama, you’re beautiful,” scrubbing my back while we’re in the bath, “…I like your breasts, they’re squishy.”
“Nora…have you been sneaking into our bed again?”
(Giggling) “Yes.”

“Owen, c’mon, let’s play in my room…Oh no, oh no, not like that – no, Owee, don’t eat my body.”

“Mama, I need a coat. It froggy out.”

Me, “Nora, who do you like to play with at school?”
Nora, “(Kids name.)”
“Are they fun? Are they kind?”
“Yeah, she’s fun but she not nice. She’s mean to me.”

“You want to come see magic? I’m going to “abba-ha-DABBA”!”