Why I will always hate Nurse Megan.

Owen was just over 8 lbs. when born via c-section. It was a grim experience that we both were lucky to survive given the obstacles listed on our chart: gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, triple nuchal (cord wrapped around his neck twice and knotted around his shoulder), prolapsed cord, compromised placenta…it was a fun list to review once the bills started piling up. So after a horrendous experience with the hospital including a sadistic nurse who photobombed our first picture of him, wouldn’t leave the room when Jamie and I were given a couple minutes alone before the c-section because she wanted to climb in between us for a blood sample, and then ignored me in post-op when I went into shock opting to text on her phone and whisper about me to the other nurse I decided to write this to warn others. It took my OB coming in for her and the other nurse to jump up guiltily and attend to me when my husband and my OB appeared with our baby. For those reasons and many more I share with you this picture to warn anyone giving birth at Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, avoid nurse Megan (seen on the right ruining our photo).