Nora-isms of February

Me: What are you guys making?
Nora: (holding a Lego creation) Bottles.
Me: Oh, what’s in them?
Nora: Spider bile.

“S-O-S-P-Q spells party!”

“Nothing personal, but I don’t like you.”
Apparently no one is to mess with Nora’s viewing of Angelina Ballerina.

What are you up to, Nora?
“I’m a triangle.”

Do you like the lollipop, Nora?
“It tastes like my mouth.”

Did you poop?
I made a Gruffalo.”

This is a Gruffalo.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
“I want fishsticks, potatoes, and spinach.”

What did you think? (Referring to Neil Patrick Harris’ opening number at the Oscars.)
“I’m touching my butt and my head.” Best reaction to the Oscars ever.