Nora-isms of April

“My butt is a trumpet…I need to make a tuba.”

“You kids sit too much.” Addressing her father and I as we sat watching the news.

Me, “Nora, I love you so much you make my heart hurt.”
Nora, (giggling) “Thank you…I like cheese.”

“Mama, can I sleep in your bed and be your baby again?”

Pretending to like her dinner, “Mmmm, this tastes good, mama. Thank you.”
Me, “Nora, you need to take an actual bite and try it.”
“I’m good.”

Taking a large bite of fish and cauliflower, “Mmmm, I like my lunch, mama…the white broccoli is good!”

Owen: “Shit!”
Nora: “No Owen! We don’t say “shit”, we say “sheesh”.”

Cuddled up together looking out at a foggy morning through the window, “Mama, it sure is froggy out.”

“Mama, LOOK it’s a spider mommy!….Do you think she’s lonely?” As millions of baby spiders cover us in the evening breeze from the egg bursting open.