Parenting hacks for whackadoos: Part 2

– A soap container for carrying crayons.
– Baby food pouch caps can’t be recycled but you can reuse them. They make great necklaces and holiday garland.
– Color coded laundry clips from the Dollar Store for each person’s towel in the bathroom to avoid sharing germs.
– A couple drops of tea tree oil in the kids shampoo to keep lice away; lavender helps as well and relaxes them.
– A reusable grocery bag as a grocery cart seat cover. Little feet go through the bag loops.
– Free back rub! Lay on the floor and let them draw on your back with bath crayons then have them clean your back with baby wipes.
(Want to skip the bath crayons? Have them decorate a t-shirt with fabric markers to make a map and drive their cars on you.)
– Shampoo nightmares avoided, play wolf. Ask them to “howl” with you like a wolf to get them to lean their head back for shampooing.
– Lower back hurt? Ask them to help unload the dishwasher by handing you the clean dishes.
– Tired of stepping on toys? Colorful plastic baskets from the Dollar Store and Ikea shelves on their sides. Easy kid seating and cubbies for toys. Each kid gets to pick their color.
– Sick kid not sleeping well? Still have a crescent-shaped breastfeeding pillow around? It’s the ultimate indulgence for them and the perfect support to help elevate them so they can breathe easier. Plug in the humidifier, have them cozy up with the pillow, and even sprinkle some essential oils on the corners of the cushion.

Have any to add? Please share, thank you!