Parenting hacks for whackadoos: Part 3

Stinky garbage can? Stuck bag, again? Baking soda at the bottom of the can. It wards off mold and mildew, absorbs moisture, and it keeps the bag from sticking making it less likely to rip and easier to pull out. Find a mess at the bottom of the can when you pull the bag out? Pour in vinegar, swish around the science experiment and dump, add more baking soda, good to go.

Stinky shoes? Afraid of whats lurking in there? Cedar oil and tea tree oil to keep bugs of all kinds away. 1 tsp of each +  2 tsp of vinegar + a few cups of water in a spray bottle. Spritz inside of shoes to keep mold and mildew at bay, freshen up stinky feet, and ward off spiders from camping out. Added bonus, tastes awful to teething babies.

Have a smoker coming to visit? Suspend your judgement; fill a plant pot with kitty litter and rock salt, tie a bow around it, and plant a gardening flag (card attached to a popsicle stick) that reads, “The butt stops here.” (Side note, someone liked mine so much they stole it…)

Outing with toddler when you’re feeling lazy? (Most sleep deprived days really.) Double up their diaper, keep them in zip-up footie pj’s, put their outfit on over the pj’s and done. Once you’re home and they are worn out, whip off the play clothes and toss them in bed for nap. Done.

They won’t eat raw fruit or veggies but you don’t want to buy pouches? Disposable pureed baby food pouches are bad for the environment and expensive but they are a lifesaver during a meltdown, outings, or when illness strikes. Follow their recipes and come up with “squish cups” for home. Yogurt + frozen fruit + cooked veg and/or cooked grain, puree, and freeze in small individual reusable containers (Dollar Store). No time for that? Mix 2 parts yogurt, 1 part applesauce, dash of pumpkin spice mix, tsp of lemon juice, and 1/2 cup coconut flour in a jar; refrigerate and serve, keeps for up to a week.

Bored sick kids? Pillow forts; put them inside an open cardboard box with art supplies and make a spaceship; road map massage, put on an old shirt, lay on the floor, and let them use markers on you to make a map (also a huge trust exercise); …

– They’re still bored?? Insert children in bath tub, hand them bath crayons, (water can wait till after unless they’re cold), let the wackiness ensue.

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