Puppetry of the Penis, a.k.a. our son

Puppetry of the Penis, hands down one of the weirdest, yet funniest, live performances I’ve ever seen. I remember thinking at the time that I would probably never see something quite as strange again in my life.

Then I had children.

Post bathtime our son likes to pull on his scrotum and contort it into the world’s strangest coin purse while we try and diaper him. Preferably while farting and laughing.

I stand corrected, there is officially something more bizarre than watching a stranger contort their junk in back-lit shadows like a pornographic Kabuki theatre. Your cherub faced son staring into your eyes, smiling, and doing the same movements is far more indelible on your psyche.

We’ve now reached cruising altitude in the land of parenting where there are no boundaries of privacy or shockability left in me. Our next flight of similar height and turbulence will be puberty.

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