Research shows preschoolers who watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood develop social and emotional skills

Yaaay, I feel better about my shitty parenting!

Daneil-Tiger-putting-on-his-sneakers copy

Parents, take heart. Not all TV is bad. New research finds that watching America’s favorite tiger can be good for your developing child.

You remember Mr. Rogers, don’t you? The red sweater. The shoes. The songs. Your kids may not know who he is, but they likely know who Daniel Tiger is. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is the animated descendant of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, and features children of several characters from the original Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

In order to be successful once they enter elementary school, it is essential that kids develop certain social and emotional skills during their preschool years. A lot of things can help kids develop these skills. Researchers at Texas Tech University wanted to see if watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood could also help.

In the study, which will be published in an upcoming issue of Journal of Children and Media, 127 preschoolers watched 10 episodes of…

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