Not every sperm is sacred.

Women who can’t find a job to support and care for their children let alone another one. 

Women who have been told that their baby in utero has no heartbeat.

Survivors of rape.

Shall I continue? Are you uncomfortable yet?

How about me? A mother of two who has had two abortions. Two. Not because the fetuses were inconvenient or unwanted, they were both dead. 

That’s right, a number of women with fertility issues face whether or not to terminate fetuses that are found “non-viable”. In my case, an insurance company told me I would be billed the procedure as “elective” because I should have “waited to miscarry”.

But, if that were the case, if fetuses were unwanted or inconvenient, what better reason to not be a parent. Why would you want someone to create another human who is unwanted?

You know what, I’m glad for those of you who have had a fortunate enough life that you haven’t had the need for an abortion. The rest of us are tired of being judged and want you to shut up about it already. Let us decide what’s best for our health and family. If you really don’t like abortion, adopt.

Let’s think of abortion for what it truly is, a medical procedure. Could you imagine how comical it would be if we battled like this over vasectomies?

Monty Python had it right, religion mucks things up, good intentions or not. Not “every sperm is sacred” nor is it anyone’s business but your own what you decide to do with it…just please be tidy.

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