Thank you for being a friend…

Having “Golden Girls” flashbacks after that title? You’re welcome.

I really do appreciate each one of you who has read even one of my pieces. It’s always flattering to me when I receive messages or comments and I’ve learned so much from you all during the process of maintaining the “Kelso Kids” blog for almost ten years. I’ve never had a large following but that hasn’t stopped me because it was never about pleasing any specific audience in particular other than two people, my kids.

Every article, every post, has been my love letter to my children and other parents out there who have faced similar struggles as my own.

It was equal parts a tribute to the hardships and challenges I faced as much as it was a record of the early years with my children. Yet it feels like it’s time to close this blog and move on to new pursuits in my writing and to give my kids a little more privacy in their own adventures.

The website will be maintained, and I might check in with an occasional post, but I’ll no longer distribute a monthly post or share as many images or details about them. Feel free to stay in touch and you can always find me at

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