I’ll be crazy, you say when.

You wouldn’t expect someone with a broken leg to ride a bike, so why would anyone expect someone mentally ill to function normally? Then again, since most of us are ill to some extent, should we all just cut each other some slack? Where do you establish your boundaries, your baseline level of tolerance, your… Read More I’ll be crazy, you say when.

I have proof

Nora was crying inconsolably after having a fight with Owen. He had just started walking at the time and was officially learning how to be a royal pain in the ass. She was a conflicted jumble of emotions. Loving her brother fiercely, desparately irritated with him, hurt to have to share our attention, pained to… Read More I have proof

2015 in review

It was six years ago that I came across the concept of an online journal for your child. It seemed self-important, self-indulgent, pretentious, exploitative, and mostly just creepy. Then I read, I read a lot. I was pregnant and scared about the alien in me. Terrified I would die in childbirth or, worse based on… Read More 2015 in review

1.3 and 4.2

He’s a climber, a dancer, a contortionist, a performance artist whose medium is half-eaten food and body fluids. Could have swore that you left a bag of chips on the back of the couch? Yeah, they’re gone. Looking for something irreplaceable, toxic, expensive, or dear to you? My apologies, it’s gone. (Amateur!). He launches himself… Read More 1.3 and 4.2